Fellowship-3 – Advanced Full Arch and Beyondule III

Key Education Objectives:

During session III, students will learn computer guided implant placement and restoration using:

  • Full Arch protocols
  • Full Arch Techniques for the terminal dentition and the edentulous patient
  • How many implants, what and where
  • When to immediate load and when to delay
  • Guided versus freehand full arch
  • Pterygoid and zygomatic implants
  • Digital Full Arch solutions

Specialist Guest Speakers:

OMFS: The pros and cons of full arch and zygomatic implant therapy
Prosthodontist: Full Arch occlusion and restorative solutions


TOTAL COST: $23,995 + GST

The dates for this course are:
April 4th-8th 2022
Limited Spots
September 19th-23rd 2022
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Course cost is $7,995.00 + GST




Hands-On Sessions


Flap Designs




Socket Grafting


Implant Placement


Course Materials


Provided materials will enable you to properly promote your newly acquired high-end services and improve case acceptance. Also included are financial documents, refund policies, front office and new patient protocol and communications and treatment letter templates.


Program Includes


40 CE units, EPA Registration course certificate, and course materials.




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