Oral Health Therapy Program

The Program is designed for Hygienists & Oral Health Therapists to enhance your knowledge & skills in the field of Implantology.



    • Implantology introduction
    • Principles of osseointegration
    • Medical history and contraindications
    • Pharmacology
    • Clinical scenarios
    • Implant designs
    • Direct to fixture vs Multi-unit abutments
    • Correct Implant Hygiene practices
    • Diagnosis and management of periimplantitis
    • Implant-related radiology including CBCT
    • MUA, HA, cover screws, customised abutment, ti-bases, screw-retained, cement-retained crowns, scan bodies
    • Removal of implant prosthetics
    • Scanning of implants
    • Lab communication
    • Suture type and suture removal
    • Suturing techniques
    • Full arch principles
    • Locators vs hybrid vs fixed
    • Prosthetic materials ie acrylic vs PMMA vs Zirc vs Zirc w/ Ti frame
    • Prosthetic screws
    • Removal of single units, bridges, full arch pros and replacement of full arch pros
    • Sealing – temporary sealing vs Permanent
    • Complications of removing full arch
    • How often to hygiene?
    • How often to remove pros?
    • What is involved in the removal appointment? Hygiene principles for different prosthetic designs
    • Hands-on with models

Oral Health Therapy Program 

VENUE: Crowne Plaza Sydney Darling Harbour
Price: $2,500 + GST

– October 4th & 5th, 2024