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Achieve industry excellence in oral implantology: AIA Fellowship 3 Full Arch & Beyond

If you are looking for the ultimate dental implant course to attend this year, then the Australasian Implant Academy (AIA) Fellowship 3 Full Arch and Beyond course is a must do!

The Fellowship 3 Full Arch and Beyond course covers all things relating to full arch! From immediate loading, placement of implants, using different prosthetics, FP1 through to FP3, zygomatic implants, pterygoids and more.

Co- Founder and lecturer at Australasian Implant Academy (AIA) Dr Ned Restom tells us a bit more about the AIA’s up and coming course that dentists across Australia and beyond are excited about.

Dr Ned Restom is also the third Australian to receive the title of Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology. Joining fellow head AIA Lecturer, Dr Dean Licenblat in successfully attaining one the highest achievements in the field of Implant surgery.


Q & A with AIA Co- Founder Dr Ned Restom on Fellowship 3 Full Arch & Beyond course

Q1. What does the AIA Fellowship 3 Full Arch and Beyond course cover?

The AIA Fellowship 3 course- Full Arch & Beyond will cover the A-Z of full arch and zygomatic implant treatment incorporating occlusion and restorative options.

During the course students will learn computer planned digital and analogue implant placements and restorations using:

  • Advanced Medical History
  • Full Arch Diagnosis
  • Fixed and removable (FP1, FP3, RP4, RP5) technique
  • How many implants -what and where
  • Immediate vs delayed load
  • Guided vs free hand
  • Alveolectomy techniques
  • Full Arch PET
  • Digital and Analogue workflow
  • Pterygoid & Nazalis and Zygomas
  • Zygomatic implants

During the comprehensive Hands-on session’s students will learn how to successfully complete:

  • Flap Designs
  • Suturing
  • Socket Grafting
  • Implant Placement


Q2. Who is suitable to attend the course?

If you have placed over 50 implants or are seeing patients who need full arch reconstructions and are wanting to take your implant training to the highest level, then this is an ideal course for you to attend.

Q3. Tell us more about the lecturers and why AIA is so thrilled to have them presenting?

We are excited to have world leading practitioners joining us as our course lecturers bringing with them a significant wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw is a Diplomate of both the American Board of Periodontology and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and is long recognized as one of the world’s leaders in full-arch implantology. Dr. Holtzclaw has pioneered a number of innovative surgical procedures such as the Pterygoid Fixated Arch Stabilization Technique (PFAST) and the Piezoelectric Hinge Assisted Ridge Split (PHARS) protocol.  He will be sharing his knowledge with attendees on full-arch implant dentistry utilizing zygomatic, pterygoid, and standard dental implants.

Dr. Naif Sinada is a prosthodontist and self-described tech-geek that dedicates teaching and leadership activities to advancing the field of prosthodontics via surgical and prosthetic innovation. With a very committed emphasis on pushing the envelope, his particular interests include the application of digital dentistry to all aspects of prosthodontics— from surgical applications to comprehensive prosthodontic treatment and maxillofacial prosthetics. Dr Sinada will be sharing insights on FP1 & FP3 to help course attendees to provide the best trwatment for their patients.


Q4. What does an attendee take away from the course?

Attendees will leave with the confidence to go ahead and treat patients in their own practice, from placement of implants to restoring them and effectively dealing with any complications that may arise within the full arch arena.

The course also provides valuable take away items including financial documents, refund policies, front office, new patient protocols, communications and treatment letter templates.


Q5. Where and when is the course being held?

Fellowship-3 – Full Arch & Beyond is being held on September 19th-23rd 2022 in Sydney’s CBD.

Registrations are now open.

Q6. How many CPD points are earned from attending the course?

40 CE units

Q7. What other courses do the AIA have coming up for dentists to attend?

The AIA are proud to be running a comprehensive calendar of courses during 2022 and beyond, we are also expanding into other countries and are launching our international curriculum with a Fellowship 1 course in NZ, soon to be followed with programs in Singapore, Dubai & India (Fellowship-1 – Fundamental Implantology on Nov 28th – Dec 2nd, 2022, in Auckland).

We are also very excited to be running Soft Tissue and Clinical Documentation Masterclass in Sydney in February 2023 featuring global superstar lecturers including Dr Jess Liu, Dr Abbas Hassanali and more.

Check out our full calendar of courses on our website